RF Power Amplifier Line


The Kainos Systems High Power Amplifier series are designed for a 50 ohm input/output impedance and offers high efficiency, operating over a wide dynamic range with an impressive gain. These series of amplifier provide extensive safety features to prevent amplifier damage include over-temperature protection and the ability to handle short and open loads.


High power output across broad frequency range supports a wide array of applications, from EMC/EMI, broadcasting, medical, and high-power lab testing to marine band, public safety, and aircraft communications.

Performance Specifications:

Amplifier TypeClass ABClass AClass ABLDMOSClass AClass A
Frequency Range0.1 – 200600 – 420020 – 200020 – 1000600 – 250050 – 250MHz
Output Power @ 1dB Compression42394048dBm
Saturated Power @ 3dB Compression45454941dBm
Noise Figure8.910107.04.5dB
Input VSWR1.
Output VSWR4.
AC Supply Voltage120120120120120120V @ 60Hz
Supply Current1.10.821.62.571.01.5A


  • Overall Length (not including RF connectors): 300mm
  • Overall Width: 200mm
  • Overall Height: 96mm
  • Weight: 2.35kg or 5.18lbs
  • Enclosure body: Aluminum (Gray)
  • Input Connector: N-type
  • Output Connector: N-type LED Power Indicator (Red)

Performance and quality attributes and conditions not expressly stated in this specification document are intended to be excluded and do not form a part of this specification document.

All components in this product are fully compliant with:

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