Induction Metal Forging

The PCDS system can integrate into large applications like a power supply system to a smelter induction furnace or integrate into the electronics inside the cabinet of a single stage billet heating system.  Below are projections of the performance parameters of a single stage induction billet heating system that through heats 100mm diameter by 400mm long carbon steel billets.

These systems usually require a 480VAC three phase voltage pulling hundreds of amps of current from a commercial facility.  Integrating the PCDS system into an induction billet heating furnace system can be reduce to a single phase power sources and save average utility cost in operations.  The figure shows a PCDS integration into a one stage induction billet furnace system that heats 100mm diameter and 400mm long carbon steel billet rods.

Fig.1, PCDS 1-Stage Induction Forge Billet Furnace System

The amount of power needed to through heat a steel billet as the work piece to 1260 degrees Celsius for forging is 59kW with a frequency of 400 Hz.  The 480VAC three phase power supply would need to pull roughly 431A from a facility.  The PCDS integrated billet heater would only need 220VAC single power from the facility.  The PCDS induction billet heater would provide output power of 59.18kW with 380V across the helical coil in the billet system at 400Hz frequency but only pull 3.5A average input current.  This will allow the chosen power source to provide an average input power of 1.4kW.  This is true amplification by a factor of 44 or 16.5dB.

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