Induction Space Heaters

Just like an inductive heating stove top can heat up a pot or pan in seconds to high temperatures, the same can be done with a space heater.  Instead of cookware, a thin stainless steel plate can be permanently mounted to a spiral coil with high temperature insulation in front and behind the stainless steel.  With a reflective aluminum plate behind the coil, insulation, and steel plate, the steel plate will heat up to high temperatures (200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit) in seconds to radiate thermal IR energy to heat a room.

Pulling 2.38A of current at 120VAC from a residential home, a space heater with PCDS system integrated can amplify that power to 3kW or 10.2kBTU/hr at 20kHz.  This will heat up a small 6” square stainless steel 1/8” thick plate to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in under 1 and a half minutes.   

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