Induction Stove Tops

The inductive stove top utilizes induction heating to turn alternating current into heating pots and pans made of high concentration of iron.  These stove tops are the new wave because they can heat up the cookware in seconds. Also, the safety factor.  There are lots of online demonstrations of the users putting there hands on the inductive stove and not sensing any heat because the magnetic fields only couple to ferrite materials not human tissue.  These stove tops are environmentally safety and safe for operators, but require high current.

Fig.1,  block diagram of PCDS along with an AC/DC converter integrate into a inductive stove top

Kainos Systems’ PCDS technology integrated into an inductive stove will safe input power and therefore save money.  With the PCDS technology integrated into a single 10” diameter heating coil operating at the common 20kHz stove top inductive frequency, can output 7.7kW with only inputting an average power of 227W.  That means a PCDS inductive stove top will pull only 1.89A of current from a 120VAC outlet.

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