PCDS Technology

Kainos Systems being known for manufacturing RF broadband amplifier systems, has created a new technology that truly amplifies input average power.  This new patented technology is called “Pulse Charge Discharge Succession” or PCDS.  

The PCDS technology is an electronics system that produces a continuous high power alternating magnetic field through an induction load using multiple capacitors discharging in succession into that inductive load.  While discharging is happening, a DC (battery or AC/DC converter) source recharges the capacitors in succession with low duty cycle pulses. This technology is accomplished within the energy conservation laws. The energy going in is the same as the energy going out.

Fig.1, PCDS Block Diagram

Since the PCDS technology produces high powered amplified magnetic alternating fields, the major application for this technology is induction heating.  Induction heating involves generating alternating magnetic fields into ferrous metals produces eddy currents within the metal to increase the temperature of the metal.

Fig.2, PCDS diagram in induction heating

Kainos Systems has demonstrated the PCDS system with a prototype module that amplified 180W of average power from a AC/DC converter to 700W of continuous output power at 423Hz frequency.

Fig.3, photo of PCDS module

In the Applications section of this website Kainos Systems has provided performance parameters of different products with the PCDS system integration.  These will be future products that Kainos Systems plans to produce.

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