PCDS Technology

Kainos Systems has developed a new patented technology that truly amplifies power.  This electrical system is called Pulse Charge Discharge Succession or PCDS.  This is an electrical system uses DC power to temporarily store energy in an array of capacitors for partially discharging into a load while the DC source partially recharges the capacitor array.  The recharge/discharging timing is uniquely done so the DC input current recharges faster than the capacitor array discharges.  This allows the input average power to be less than the output average power while maintaining the conservation of energy law.  The input energy is the same as the output energy.

Fig.1, generalized block diagram of PCDS

The PCDS technology can work with purely resistive loads and purely inductive loads (any closed loop coil) so the applications are broad.

Kainos Systems has proven out PCDS with the KSI700 module. This module utilize the AC/DC  48VDC converter to provide 180W of average DC input power into the PCDS module to output 698W of continuous alternating power at 432Hz.  The load used was a 90 turn solenoid coil for induction heating applications.

Fig.2, KSI700 module from Kainos System

The PCDS systems has three configurations to meet application requirements.  The configurations are inductive load, resistive load, and combine resistive-inductive load.  The inductive load is the KSI700 module in Figure 2 above, in which, the PCDS system was proven.  

The resistive load configuration is PCDS design for a purely resistive load.  The PCDS circuit is designed to provide a DC-DC buck converter performance, in which, the output voltage is half of the input voltage but the input power is still amplified.

Fig.3, PCDS different configurations

The combine resistive-inductive load configuration involves connecting DC source to a PCDS resistive configuration first; then, connect to a PCDS inductive load configuration and finally an inductive load.  The combine configuration can not reversed.

The PCDS system is scalable from low power ( a few hundred Watts) to high power systems (a few 100 kilowatts).  Please contact Kainos System for a free performance analysis on how the PCDS system works with your application.

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